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I bought this lock when it was posted on OzBargain for $66. At this price, I thought, its worth a try to see what it is like. I wanted a smart lock of some sort for my house, especially for the garage back door and thought this would be perfect to try.

The unit arrived after a few days and it was very well packaged and protected. USB C Charger for the main handle and then 4 x AAA batteries for the inside trigger. So I charged it and then began to install it. It took me a quick YouTube How-To on how to remove my existing door handle before being able to proceed with the KGLF unit.

Once installed which was pretty easy, I configured the Tuya app. Since I was already using the Tuya App for my Smart Home Automation, it was quick and easy – it auto detected the door lock, so I didn’t have to search for it. Something to remember is the KGLF unit is a Bluetooth-only connection, not WiFi. So whilst it can connect to the Tuya App, it cannot be used for any triggers or automation for my devices, plus, there is no remote connection to see its status. This is unfortunately a downside I see with this unit. To complete the unit, a WiFi Connection would be fantastic. For the mirabello door sensors I have, they run 2 x AAA batteries and last 12 months most of the time, so I don’t think it would take much for the KGLF unit to have WiFi capability. Anyway, that is just one small downside.

There were reports on OzBargain that this unit wasn’t the greatest for sturdiness, however, I think it is pretty sturdy and secure for my exterior door.

I was able to configure a few PIN codes and my fingerprint easily and it works well. Not sure how my fingerprint will go with some dirty hands, but time will tell.

Overall, for under $70 on special, this is a pretty good lock. The RRP price of $120 is probably not worth it and I personally wouldn’t spend $120 on another one, but when on special they are pretty good. I plan to put this lock on two more exterior doors to avoid having keys all the time.

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