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The Ozito Tools range available from Bunnings is a popular choice. Aimed for the DIY and Home Handyman, the Ozito Tools range is good bang for buck in my opinion when compared to bigger brands like Bosch or Dewalt. I also put it this way, “The Ozito Tools are that cheap that if it lasts two years, that is okay, I will just go and buy the latest model. I could have 2 or 3 new tools for the price of 1 bigger brand tool.”

The Ozito range is always growing with more and more tools becoming available. As many brands move away from petrol to electric/battery tools, the Ozito range has taken off with a lot of different and new options.

For the home handyman, the Ozito tools are great and do the job very well. I have had my first drill for about 7 years and it still does a great job. I use the Ozito tools when completing Starlink and Cel-Fi installs without any problems.

My Ozito Tools

  • 18V Drill
  • 18V Drill (with 2 speed)
  • 18V Hammer Drill
  • 18V Impact Driver
  • 18V Angle Grinder x 2
  • 18V LED Work Flood Light x 2
  • 18V Reciprocating Saw
  • 18V Nail / Staple Gun
  • 18V 165MM Circular Saw
  • 18V Garden Blower
  • 18V Extendable Hedge Trimmer Pole with Chain Saw Adaptor
  • 18V Hedge Trimmer
  • 36V Hedge Trimmer
  • 18V Garden Sprayer
  • 18V Coffee Machine
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